Hello Strangers been a while!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while a lot has gone on in my life – coursework, uni life, riding its all been happening and all been non-stop!

Thought I’d talk about everyone’s favourite time of year……SUMMER!! As my second year is coming to an end and I will soon be in my final year (scary) my summer will be relatively boring with the fact I will have to find an internship or get a summer job that brightens up my CV so when I graduate I have something that ‘stands out’ to job interviewers…….yes thats how boring my life is right now! Who would have thought I would be wasting my summer away just so I could get a job at the end of year 3 – Where did the fun times go?????


I bet all you readers have a favourite holiday place that brings back all your memories from your childhood. I know you are now thinking about it and probably smiling 🙂

My favourite holiday place is France. Every year my family and I would go to my grandad’s house out there and in all honestly it is my second home. From having birthday parties to the french market to amazing food its my favourite place.

The best thing about where the house is in France is that it is so close to the beach I mean walking distance – so everyday the same routine, get up eat breakfast and off to the beach some days we would spend all day at the beach and have our very own olympics. Other days my parents would spend hours calling me in from the sea and in the end end up coming into the sea to pick me up and carry me out!

Now some of you may be thinking what she on about Olympics – yes my family do our very own Blaxland Olympics – sounds crazy but its really not. We do standing jump, ball in the bucket, 100metre dash (more like 50 tbf), skipping etc and we place each other. Whoever wins gets sweeties as the prize. Yup my family are very competitive loooool. My dad usually comes in 1st or 2nd and I usually come in last HAHA oh well 😦

Talking about my dad he made the best sandcastles, you could never beat his imagination the things he could create were incredible. From sand seats to the biggest sandcastle and fort. Honestly whatever you could imagine my dad would go and make it for you.

Growing older sandcastles became less, tanning became more but swimming was the ultimate go to. As I grew older I got to play catch in the sea with the family, being a family of 6 means 3 vs 3 and it gets messy! We are all so competitive and every frenchman on the beach must think we are crazy LMAO.

Enough about my holiday – time to think about your favourite memory from your holidays maybe bring it up over dinner who knows.

Holidays are great fun especially when you are younger but my holidays always have stayed fun and memorable even growing up and I think growing up is the scariest thing.

Enjoy your summer, stay humble and love unconditionally. ❤