Sorry I haven’t written as much recently. Uni suddenly got stressful due to deadlines and then Christmas suddenly came around so it’s been very full on!

I thought I’d switch it up and write about my families traditions over the Christmas Period as I am now thinking of writing about pretty much anything, from University to my hobbies to night’s out etc. So here we go go ho ho (LOL) …..

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year (apart from my birthday)

In my family we have probably only one big tradition which is to get the biggest Christmas EVER usually it’s about 16ft, but this year it was around 12ft (RUBBBISSSSHHHH) however we usually get the Christmas tree the weekend before Christmas so that usually starts us off to get into the Christmas Spirit.

^ This was our christmas tree two year’s ago!!

So after we have our christmas tree we decorate our house and the Christmas Feeling kicks in, fire blazing mince pies making – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The next tradition I would say is probably the Carol Concert. Over the years my whole family has taken part in singing in the Church choir but now a days its usually just my eldest sister and myself and my other sisters usually read. Singing in the choir means going to a practice in the morning to get the songs and the tune correct finding the choir outfit which I must say is extremely sexy…..NOT!! we have to wear a Hat and a cape! LOL.screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-9-12-42-pm

^ something like that but in Royal Blue and a hat on our head!

The Carol concert happens at nighttime then everyone goes over to the pavilion for drinks, yes people get drunk after church!

After that we don’t really have any more traditions until Christmas Day.

My household gets extremely busy during the Christmas Period due to family always coming to us. This year my mum had to feed 13 mouths on Christmas Day usually its more so this year was much easier I would say!

I feel like every family has a christmas game you always whip out during Christmas. For my family its ‘Pass the Bomb’ – now in this game you have a toy bomb and cards. On the cards are letters and you have to think of a word which includes the letters on the card and if the bomb explodes you gain the card – person with the most cards looses (I usually lose). Its extremely stressful trying to think of a word and I usually end up adding ‘ing’ onto the last word said by whoever is next to me – LOL (media student at her finest)

On Christmas Day we have a tradition of opening up Father Christmas’s presents in my parents room (in our pjs and all us sisters have the same spot which hasn’t changed for all my years living there) we then get changed have breakfast and set up for Lunchtime. Usually lunch is around 1 o clock and we have finished our main’s just in time for the Queen’s Speech at 3 o clock. After listening to the Queen we have our desserts then open the presents under the Christmas tree. Then that is really it we ether all fall asleep on the sofa or watch a movie on T.V.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!