As I am now half way through my second year at Coventry University. I thought it be best to talk about my experience of first year and the work up to first year.

First off I’m going to start with my Course. You all know I study Media and Communications but what you don’t know is how little time I actually spend at University. We were only in uni for about two days last year, guaranteed we were expected to meet up to do group work but our actual contact hours with an actual lecturer was about 4 hours twice a week!!!! As a first year that was amazing as being a fresher the main priority was going out and creating new memories with new friends.

Studying Media and Communications is probably very strange as its the broadest media course you can take. Plus you have to get used to all the jokes about taking an “easy” course or a “course in which you just watch movies all day” – if only that was the case. Obviously being a first year I would respond back and ask them to look at everything that entertains them such as magazines, tv, phones – all media/social media. Which proved to people that it is a tricky subject as it is so broad and media is changing everyday there is never the correct answer in my course. I took media due to the challenge it has as you almost have to be an active member within the social/media world. However last year I didn’t have this blog and I wasn’t really an active member but I still came out with a 2:1. Within my course last year and also this year we had to make reflections on everything in the lecture/seminar/workshop. The Lecturers wanted our reflections to allow our creativeness to come out. In fact I have a blog of all my university work in which I will leave here.

Secondly, making friends!! As I have three older sisters they gave me friendly advice and told me to go out and get involved and that’s what I did. I signed up for the Equestrian team as well as the Netball team. This allowed me to gain a different set of friends straight away and I advise anybody joining university to get involved and sign up to pretty much everything as it is great for meeting new people and I haven’t regretted joining up to the two sport clubs.

As I went through clearing to get into Coventry, I missed out on the opportunity to live in Student Accommodation so I moved into a student house with 7 other first year students. 3 girls (plus me) and 4 boys. We all came from different areas in England and all had different backgrounds however over the years we became a family and decided to live with each other in year 2 (well apart from 2 girls but they are still our family). Living in a student house in first year did mean we missed the “student life” however we created our own and still went to pretty much everything. I would say that my housemates are the craziest yet funniest people I know and I love all of them so much. I didn’t settle into University that well and found the first couple of months very difficult but they made sure I was always laughing when I was in the sitting room with them and thats when I knew Uni was going to be okay.
Finally, you will always meet people on your course. I was lucky enough to know someone on the first day as I met him on my Interview with Coventry. This meant I had someone to sit with in the very first lecture. I was also lucky to have a Media and Communications chat which was created over the summer. This helped me put faces to names and allowed me to get to know lots of people in which I have made a great group of friends.

First year was definitely a shock with how much you need to put into the work but how little contact hours you actually get. However in second year I knew what to expect and created this blog to keep me being creative. Second year has been good so far but its still early days so we will see what happens!!