After four years of living abroad you’d think moving back home to become a University student wouldn’t be any different but I was very wrong.

Becoming a student was very surreal. I still honestly can’t believe I got into Coventry especially with my results!! I do know one thing I am happy about never having to experience that dreaded result’s day ever again!

Moving up north (yes the midlands to me is up north) was exciting but terrifying as well. I remember the long shops with my mum, she’d be picking up everything I’d need and I would be the one pushing the trolly. I honestly never knew how much stuff you needed for university but my mum made sure I had everything from bottle openers to bed linen you name it I probably have it. The one thing that scared me the most is that I wouldn’t have my mum to hold my hand I actually had to fend for myself which meant paying for my food shops, rent, pretty much everything and money is hard to save! I was constantly worrying about being in my overdraft – I remember my first couple of months up at Uni and I told everyone I wouldn’t ever go into my overdraft but by the end of my first year I was very far deep into it. Ooops!!!

As I lived abroad I didn’t really experience the “nightlife”. Being a student meant I could experience the nightclubs and getting drunk for pretty much the very first time. I think that was one of the things I was looking forward to experience as I never did the fake ID night’s out (not that I’m telling people to go out with a fake ID…please don’t) I just never got to experience all that before going to Uni, so I think my housemates all thought I was crazy as I constantly wanted to go out and drink. (That’s probably were all my money went) I definitely lived up to the expectations of being far to drunk as I was named “Chunder Queen” in my house – which I am not proud of but at least it means I had a good night eh?

Being a student is extremely hard. You have to have the motivation to make yourself study or else you would just be in bed all day doing nothing. It was a big change for myself especially organizing my spending money (which I am still trying to figure out). I love being at Uni and I love what I study, and I am grateful I was able to come and experience these 3 years at Coventry.