Living abroad for many people is a dream, representing years of work and saving just to secure an ideal living situation in the country of their choice. Usually, the average person in this situation doesn’t just decide on a whim to pack up and leave; weighing the pros and cons can help in deciding whether or not to proceed with this plan.


  • If you move abroad to a country that doesn’t speak your language you get to learn this language over time so it is a plus for your CV or work environment.
  • Developing professional skills in another country
  • In some countries the cost of living is much lower then in Western countries
  • Starting over is perhaps the most common justification for moving overseas
  • Meeting new people in an exciting locale is why many people go on vacation and decide to expatriate.


  • Being away from family and friends can be unexpectedly stressful, even for short periods of time
  • Living in a different culture is hard – getting used to what you can or can’t do
  • Money is by far the biggest issue when moving to another country, because in many cases, you’ll either need or want to sell or get rid of all your property, assets and anything else that either you can’t or won’t bring with you
  • You’ll need to have some means of supporting yourself once you’ve relocated, whether through savings or having work secured for you in your new host country.

All in all, this is an incredibly risky decision and one best undertaken with the consideration that it is an expensive, difficult and pressured situation.