Today was the day that dawned upon me all summer, moving abroad didn’t really hit me until I was sitting in my living room talking to my older sister about how scared I am and asking her if I’ve made the right decision. Before tscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-3-58-14-pmhat day I just kept it in the back of my mind and didn’t really think of how big a decision it actually was.

Honestly saying goodbye to everyone at home, every animal in my house, every sister and my mum was the strangest feeling in the world. I was crying my eyes out and hugging everyone made it so much worse. It just dawned on me that I was moving away to live with my dad, which was the strangest thing because my dad has always worked in different countries or different places in the UK so we rarely saw him but now I would see him everyday and loose seeing my mum everyday. (btw my parents are still married they just do long distance).

I think my dad was just as worried as I was because on the way up to Heathrow he kept holding my hand and telling me that it was going to be okay. Although I had him by my side I was still freaking out as I had no idea what to expect and I remember wishing I didn’t say yes to moving abroad.

Reaching Heathrow, checking in, walking to the gate was all honestly a complete blur they all seemed to merge into one. I was just taking it by stride. Walking onto the plane was when it hit me. I was off on one of the biggest adventure’s of my life and I had no idea what the future held or what would happen but its new beginnings and its exciting.

The flight was probably the longest 7 hours of my life. Eating so much food and watching 3/4 films was a ritual in the end. I can never sleep on planes so I would see how many films I can watch on the flight. I think once I watched 4 movies and 1 episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on a flight, which to me was pretty impressive. Whenever I travelled back with my Dad he would always ask me when we reached the luggage collection how many movies I had watched. I always made him guess and my dad being my dad he always guessed correctly!

In all honesty the day of the move was one of the scariest thing I have done but in the end it was probably the best thing I have decided to do. I was extremely homesick at first and my dad being the worrier he is got my mum to come out and help me settle in which made me even more homesick when she had to go home again however having them both there to help me settle in made it a lot less easier. I learnt a lot about myself in the 4 years, met the most amazing people and gained the best memories any person would be lucky to have.

If you are reading this and contemplating on doing a year abroad/living abroad or just wanting to go abroad for a long time then I one hundred percent say go for it however saying goodbye is the biggest reality check and you do panic. I would suggest to talk to people about this decision as you can’t make it on your own but in the end you should really go for it and experience the world.